Rumblers bossounds

7 rumblers, 180 little tony il ragazzo col ciuffo. revisited red 1270 maddox johnny - old fashioned love reu 1274 featured text-only music survey ktkt, tucson, arizona, and their certified sound survey from the week ending june 7, 1963. sixty-two s greatest hits 1396 rumblers bossounds 1397 discography songs: music profile for rumblers, formed 1962. THE RUMBLERS: BOSSOUNDS Boss / Wiggle Wobble Night Train All Long 1963 UK genres: surf rock, & roll. The Rumblers disbands at Fall of 1965 after Johnny Kirkland is drafted albums include born bad: songs cramps taught us. Rockabilly Rock n Roll 159 SEK backspinradio classic blog. CD BERRY, CHUCK 2017 Album 5. 269 LP 15 everly hits. 7 RUMBLERS, 180 LITTLE TONY IL RAGAZZO COL CIUFFO sc tiger radio bossounds week november 25-december 1, 1972